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One day my father look start into my eyes and said: I will pay for a tattoo if you want one. I realized that day, that my father is way cooler than I will ever be and started sketching ideas for what I want forever to stain my body. Here is one of them.
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I wish to wake up in the morning and run for miles without end. I long for the presence of great men. The muse I love dances an hour away and I spend my gold to hold her hand. The wisdom of unwitnessed years is showered on my head and moments of silence resonate through my soul. Just like any addiction, I cannot get enough. I worry that inspiration will turn to face another man and keep her amused as best as I can. I leave my mark, the smell of vinegar and lemon on the floor, perhaps it’ll keep a piece of me there. If the truth be told, this is my enlightenment. The swarm of birds on the wall have a tale to tell, I keep them silent with a tear soaked tribute. This is my great debut, as I try to plant seeds to be harvest in future. All I ask is that when it ends, when the ink of this chapter runs dry, the knowledge and love gathered never says its goodbye.
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One semester down, one more to go.
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day one
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When you come home after a long week to gingerbread cookies, all your problems go away (for at least a little while)
"I’ve been to places, that have made me feel like I’ve stood on top of the world, but all I could think of is how small I am"

A phone call woke me up yesterday morning. Okay, it wasn’t morning, but around noon. Either way I didn’t recognize the number and picked it up trying to hide any sense of disorientation from my voice. Wait, what’s your name, oh, right, I left my number at your coffee shop, right, yeah, I can fix your glassware, ah, sunday.

Right, that means I need to get to Prague to pick up these two awkwardly shaped pieces of glass and get them back up North without breaking them. Right! E and L needed to switch days with me at Designblok, that means I need to go to Prague to give them the bracelets that’ll get them through security. Wait what, design week, Prague and people asking me for help? Okay, calm down. Get on the next link to Prague. Wait, take that book with you.

Okay, call E that you made it to Prague. Shit! I forgot the bracelets at home. Okay, call E to tell here that you’re an idiot and ask her what to do now. Right, you’ll be driving through my town on your way home tomorrow night, I can just give them to you then. Okay! I guess you should go to the coffee shop since you don’t have anything else to do. Hello, I got a call this morning, right, lovely to meet you Eva, are these the two, no it’s not a problem, I’ll pick them up on Sunday. Now call V, tell him you’re in Prague, ask where and when V wants to meet up. No quick reply. Right, walk to the bridge to say hello to K, she’s been selling hair pins, she’s handling it despite the fact she doesn’t speak English, great, but I tell her she should smile more at the tourists.

Now you’re hungry and you’re still carrying your book in your hand, because you don’t have a bag to put it in. Right, text message from V, meet up at JZP in twenty. Don’t take the metro, walk there from Náměstí republiky. Hey, can’t complain, what about you, I’d be up for dinner if you don’t mind, what’s your friend’s name, M, hello M. 

The beginning of a long night, dinner, shit, more than I’d like to pay for a meal, but why not, get two small beers, you don’t want to get drunk or spend too much money. M seems interesting, the conversation isn’t boring or slow. Quick stop at L’s where we run into M and D, before we head down to the river for more drinks.

A drunk stranger is getting annoying, yes, break ups are difficult, yeah, you’ll find another girlfriend, I have to go… Meet way too many initials, but have a great night, turns out M is interesting, we leave at 4:00 AM, get pizza before we sleep, you’ve only drank three small ones tonight. Pilsen in less than six hours.

Ah, morning already, let’s run to main station, catch a train to Pilsen, beer festival with V, A, C, H and another initial I am not sure about. Unfiltered beer and meat, cabbage and dumblings, that’s all though, because it’s your brothers birthday, I have to get home, sleep in the train, one moment you’re out of the city the next moment you’re in again. I still have my book.

Wait, get the glass now, I don’t want to go to Prague tomorrow again. Hello Eva, thank you, do you have a bag, thanks. Try not to bump into too many people in the metro. Don’t drop it, don’t freak out, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. Now, you’re in Holešovice, not running for the six o’clock home, but you catch it anyway, just in time. Awkwardly sit with the glassware. Don’t break it, don’t break it. 

I made it, now, just find the bracelet and wait for E to get here. Where is the bracelet. It must be here, not under there, not behind that, where is it. Right, all of the furniture is in a different place than the last time I saw it. Oh, there it is. Now, wish your brother a happy birthday, run down the stairs to give E the bracelet, run back up the stairs to get home. I haven’t read a single page of the book.

From Philadelphia to the Emerald Isle to the very heart of Europe itself. A story of my life in pictures and words